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Lotte Milk Candy (奶糖)

Lotte Milk Candy (奶糖)

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Delicious soft milk flavoured sweets from Korea! A little airy and chewy. Individually wrapped.


Ingredients: Starch syrup, processed condensed milk (reduced oil, sugar, crude oil lactose), sugar, vegetable oil (hardened palm oil), milk cream, whey, D-condensate 2.7%, gelatin, bean processed product, mixed agent 1 (starch phosphate, sugar) , Pullulan, starch, synthetic flavor (strawberry flavor, milk flavor, butter flavor), other processed edible oils and fats, mixed preparations (pre-phosphate powder, sugar), pullulan, refined salt, starch, other processed edible oils and fats, processed cheese, Emulsifier 1, synthetic fragrance (milk flavor, butter flavor), Emulsifier II, milk, vitamin E. Contains milk, pork and soybeans.

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